31 March 2007

In The Middle Of Packing

We've begun to pack up my flat as I'm shortly abandoning the wuthering flats of Fenlandshire for the romantic vistas of North West Norfolk. So I better crack on as there are many more boxes to be packed things to wrap and stuff to be sorted.

In the meanwhile here's an interesting article from the New York Times (you have to register but it's worth doing) about the family who make tabasco. HERE


  1. "romantic vistas of North West Norfolk" - shome mishtake here, surely *hic*

    And let's have no further mention of "Vista" around here, please.

  2. Next time I move, I am going to label a few boxes "meth lab equipment" - just to see what happens.

    Also it would be fun to label a box "cow manure" and leave it on the doorstep overnight to see if anyone takes it.

  3. Good luck with the packing!

    After the last few weeks I dont want to see another cardboard box as long as I live....