10 February 2007

Today I Have Been...

Mostly driving about the Lynn area, which means I've managed to miss most of the two 6 Nations rugby matches on today. I caught the last 15 minutes of the England - Italy match, although England won the game they looked very pedestrian against the Italians. By all accounts they were not the same team that beat Scotland so well last week, a match I missed fortunately for my poor wee Scotland supporting nature. I'm watching the last few seconds of the Scotland Wales game as I type this we are gonna win but apparently this has been a poor game too. The weather looks miserable up at Murryfield which could explain the lack of flowing rugby. But at least we won! :D

Brmmm Brmmm

I've got to the point where I don't really need that many more refresher lessons for driving maybe one perhaps two more but I do need practice so I get a chance to do the stuff I've relearnt and to do the maneuvering that you don't learn in lessons. I did my first ever multi-story car park today, the thought of going round one had always been on of my stress bunnies but doing driving around one in reality was far less stressful than I had first thought.


Simon is creating a culinary masterpiece in the kitchen as I type which is already beginning to smell very tempting, chilli just the thing for a dreak, dull wintry day, he's gonna serve it burrito style I think, he's just wizzed up the salsa in the blender it all smells gorgeous. I suppose I best offer to help him, although it's a bit too early for yardarm time.

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  1. If it makes you feel better I missed it all while standing in a cold rainy feild while wondering if I was actually enjoying myself.