08 February 2007

That Was The Snow That Was

Winter Snow

It snowed. Last night felt like the night before Christmas, the expectation was palpable. I woke up at silly o'clock this morning wondering if the snow had arrived, it hadn't :(. Then when I woke up at a slightly more reasonable time there is was, not only that it was sticking and trying to settle on the road. But by 11 this morning it had all but stopped and the melt had started.

Boo Hiss.

Now I'm not saying anything new, but I like snow, yes it causes chaos when if first falls but if we had decent snow falls that stayed around for a while this wouldn't be a problem. When I lived in the States we had decent snowfalls that stayed around for a good while, the first storm of winter caused problems but after that, everyone coped because the gritters were up to speed, chains or snow tyres were donned and that was it, the roads were passable.

Here because we get snow in the morning, slush by afternoon and it's gone by tea time it's chaos because we never have to equip up for it and it always takes us by surprise, equally there are too many drivers who don't know how to drive in snow.

Gah, never mind the More Sunshine For Britain Party I want a Better Winters For Britain Party.


  1. I'll join, Jane. It was a rubbish snowfall and too wetly cold to want to play. I didn't even make a snowman.

  2. we had no snow here in brighton.