03 February 2007

Notting Hill

I like to keep my finger on the pulse - news, reviews, blogs etc. But not popular culture, so it is only just now that I've seen Notting Hill nearly 8 years since it came out. It's not half bad, first off they didn't cast Andie MacDowell as the American so they were already on to a winner, boy that woman can't act. Ok yes, got to give that it's an idealised, sanitised view of London and us British but it's not too annoying. The cast as almost to a man and woman top notch, the humour light and sharp like a freshly made salsa verdi and the mawkishness, of which there is, in bits, doesn't sledgehammer one into submission.

It's a chick flick but it's a very good chick flick which doesn't insult the intelligence and it does look lovely.

I've been to the cinema on girls night out before and seen some utter crap "What Women Want" - dreadful film misogynist and unpleasant. "Maid In Manhattan" - pulease Cinderella from the block, J-Lo looked stunning, Ralph Fiennes looked embarrassed and the story stank. I felt cheated the only movie I've felt more cheated by was the first X-man movie which I had looked forward to seeing but absolutely loathed.

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  1. I ADORE Notting Hill. If you want light and fluffy entertainment with no deeper intellectual engagement, it's a winner every time.

    (And Hugh's lovely...)