05 February 2007

Charlie Brooker Really Doesn't Like Macs and other linkage

To say Charlie Brooker doesn't like Macs could be considered an understatement judging by this very funny rantage. For the record I agree with about 75%.

Bossa - it's an interface for playing your tracks stored on Itunes and if that was all it did I wouldn't have bothered but the clever part is it allows you to tag your tracks using suggestions from audioscrobbler or your own choices something that iTunes doesn't allow you to do which is something I've wanted to do for a while. It also automatically links to the wiki page on the artist playing and to pictures on Flickr which are appropriately tagged as well, which is rather neat I think. Right now it's a free download, up until the end of February, so get yours now.

I found out about it on Darren Barefoot's blog.


  1. That will teach me to read your blog more often. I found Charlie Brooker's rant today from the Guardian website.

    And I probably agree 75% too...

  2. Awwww, bless - Mr Brooker's just bitter that he has a laptop full of viri. :D

    *Mac owner smugness engaged*

  3. Since watching Screen Wipe, I have to admit, I find something strangely attractive about Charlie Brooker ...

    There, I've said it.

    I should probably shoot myself now.

  4. I used to hate Macs. Then I got a job working on one, and in three days I...can't tell the difference. Switch Command and Option with Control and Alt (including their locations relative to each other) and OS X is Windows with a fruity icon. It's the same machine.