23 September 2006

There Is Wrongness Going Down Round Here

Watching the music channels round at Becky I'm getting a quick and bewildering exposure to popular culture that one doesn't normally get from Radio 4. Many of the videos feature scantily clad dancers jiggling their boobies at a pug ugly rappers. Rock bands emote in the half dark and the girl groups jiggle their boobies at the camera in the name of "independence." For all the "provocativeness" and "keeping real, man" they are tame and dull in the most part.

Apart from the Hoff.

He has a new single out "Jump In My Car" - I've heard worse, I've heard a hell of a lot better, it's a chuggalug song that is probably best not thought about too much. But the video is something else: The Hoff is fascinating, the only part of his face that moves is his lower jaw, the rest has been botoxed into submission. It makes his "advances" on the young women in the video rather creepy. Some say that David Hasselhoff is the Antichrist decide for yourself.


  1. If there is anything better than The Hoff™ then I've yet to find it.

  2. Scary. But not as much so as his current television ads for Tiscali which are deeply disturbing.

  3. Rumour has it that "Jump In My Car" by the "Hoff" is going to be the Xmas fundraiser for Childline! Sorry - crass I know but I just cldnt help myself!

  4. "scantily clad dancers jiggleing their boobies...."


    Could you supply details & I may finally think about replaceing my telly.

  5. I prefer this tune:

  6. that's fun Sarah! Bobbins but fun :D