24 September 2006

Oh C'mon you're fooling no one

I know many of you read Becky's Blog, but have you noticed the video ad that has been there for that last couple of days? Click on it and you get a short "rock" video with puppets after it ends you're invited to click through to a new page which links to either a MTV page or to what alleged to be their homepage but in reality is an advert for the Corsa, a vehicle so dull and nondescript no one can be bothered to take the piss out of it.

The attention to detail and effort that has gone into this is quite stunning, inventing a band "The Cmons" setting up a myspace account and getting some tracks recorded and putting stuff up on YouTube and linking up with MTV to punt them as an up and coming band it's just a shame the music is shite and they gave a back history to the band that can't be backed up which isn't surprising considering that they are a marketing tool thought up this summer. The press release is here it's the the most humourous bit of the lot.

Bring back flat Eric that's what I say.

Edited for sense 23:30 24/9/06

You can see the full sized picture here


  1. I managed to sell my Corsa today. It was so mind numbingly boring to drive - I couldn't stand it any longer.

    The ad campaign for the new Corsa doesn't bother me as much as this, which is also to be found lurking on Becky's blog.

  2. It's behind you? :-P


  3. lol I know I know, I just said the cars are boring not the drivers, they are interesting, witty and attractive. ;)

  4. Yeah I've seen that as well. Unfortunately some people have very extreme views like that. One of my guilty secrets is that I have a bit of a thing for reading extremely right wing fundementalist "Christian" blogs. They show precious little Christianity as it was set out in the 4 Gospels or as practised by the majority of Christians I have know or have met.

    But if he wants to waste his money I say let him we can click on it knowing that it's making Bex money.

    I'm an Atheist but we should not be smug some atroicous things have been done by those who profess that there is no god and in "support" of atheism.

  5. So does that mean that Becky and Isobel both have Corsa's? I've got one too (albeit the stylish ex-post office van version) - there's a pattern forming here about trannies from Norfolk...