04 September 2006

Rumours Of My Disappearance Hadn't Even Started...

I've just not had anything to blog recently :-|

Little things have struck me as being blog worthy but when I've sat down to write them the urge goes, or someone else has written about it in a more entertaining/knowledgeable/intelligent way.

I've not taken any interesting photos to bung up on flickr, at this rate my membership of the interweb generation will be revoked.

Gah or is it Meh?


  1. I think Flum would be a new good word for these situations.

  2. 'Gah' is for annoyance, 'Meh' for apathy.

    what about combining them. gahmeh

  3. Meh = Bad
    Blog = Good
    Tree = Pretty

  4. so 'gahmeh' is for when you can't be bothered to be annoyed by something you should be bothered about....natch...