27 August 2006


Magic Little Pills

Thanks to the tablets above I no longer have to put up with oedema in the feet. Well I've still got it but the symptoms have been dramatically reduced after 2 days after starting the medicine. Oedema can be caused by too much protein in the blood - liver or kidney failure or by heart failure I don't have any of the above three I had blood tests to make sure. It can also be caused by having high blood pressure or being pregnant again neither apply to me. Or it can be just one of these things that happen which I have a feeling is gonna be me.

I went to the doctors about it first of all because it was also making my feet hurt, I kept saying that I wouldn't have minded so much if it was just the cosmetic look. However now that I've finally got treatment that works and my ankles and feet no longer look so bad I've realised that I was lying to myself. It was beginning to get me down no end, it looked ugly and I couldn't hardly find shoes that were nice and fitted me.

It has cheered me up no end that this medicine is working. Loosing weight will also help, but the diet doesn't start til September. I gave up smoking on 6th September 2005, I've decided the diet to loose that weight and more shall start on the 6th.


  1. It's not nice is it? When I had oedema I put on nearly 3st just in fluid retention, until the drugs kicked in and I returned to a more reasonable weight.

    Good luck with the forthcoming diet.

  2. hot tub is the best cure I've found. Mmmm. Hot tub.

  3. Well done on the smoking! I quit on 9th March 2005, and I have no plans to lose whatever weight I can attribute to that yet, because a) it's hard to tell (I was big anyway) and b) it'll happen in time. Just gotta be more healthy in general.

    Hope the pills help, and don't forget that chocolate is your friend, as long as it's good expensive stuff ;)

  4. Isobel - Wow fortunately it's probably not that bad, I'm glad you are better now.

    John - Sounds nice but I've not got room in my upstairs flat!

    Charlee - I'm big too but unfortunately I've got obviously bigger so I've got to excert some self discipline and not blame the extra packet of crisps on nicotine craving anymore.

    Good chocolate is nice mmmm fortunately it is also reassuringly expensive :)

  5. green and black's is great for diets - it's so rich that you can only eat a couple of squares before you've had enough.

    unlike dairy milk where you can eat a 200g bar and still want more!

  6. Jane, if you do end up going to Mexico City - you MUST find time to hit Cancun. You can take a fast ferry ride to Cozumel Island from Cancun. The beaches are absolutly AMAZING. And the bars are right on the beach. Like almost in the surf. Beer is $1 (.52 UK Pounds). The people are very friendly as they know that 98% of the economy is tourism. You can not possibly have anything but a good time.

    Also - in Cancun the water is safe :)