20 September 2006

Because You Are Worth It

And now the science part.

Stunningly simple and effective this old film shows the difference between large and small.

As seen on Ben Goldacre's Bad Science Blog


  1. That rocks, and the more so as I vaguely remember it from my formative years in school.

    We got all those videos, and the songs, which meant it was a suprise to me when TMBG released 'The Sun Is A Ball of Incandesant Gas' years later.

    And remember kiddies, not small, just very far away.

    Thaks for that, it made me happy. :)

  2. Ah, another TMBG fan. :-)

  3. How can anyone not be? :)

    I don't suppose you were at either of the last two gigs? (Erm, the Astoria a few years ago, and the Forum this year? They rocked. Different from the first time I saw them, in, ah, 1991 I believe. I digress.)