04 August 2006

There's Nice

Well my birthday has been and gone, I had a lovely day bimbling round Bristol on my own. It would have been even lovelier if Si had been able to bimble with me but he was on his course, so I had to make the best of it on my own.

I discovered there was a MAC concession in the Bristol Debenhams, £50 later I finished "just looking thank you, ooh do you have a makeup pencil sharper?"*

I walked walked along the river from the Castle Park to the SS Great Britain. The SS Great Britain is a superb museum I highly recommend it even if it does cost almost £9 (although that ticket lasts a year) it has some great hands on activities in the dockside museum which are guaranteed to absorb any surplice energy your average bored eight year old might have, good thinking there.

We are now in Cardiff, our hotel is between the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Castle which is rather nice.

Tomorrow we do the touristy bit.

*they didn't

Update - But the Cardiff MAC did!


  1. Doh! I'm late!
    Oh well, better late than never: Happy birthday!

  2. Never mind Candace thank you anyways!