05 August 2006


Been location spotting today and bimbling round Cardiff. It's in the middle of regeneration I think, some very nice bits right next to run down scuzzy shops and empty properties. I think given a year or two it could be really nice but right now it feels a little bit too rough.

However we did find a nice pub/bar where we spent an hour or two over lunch and long island iced teas, a very pleasant thing on a hot and humid day.


  1. A thousand apologies and belated birthday wishes!

  2. I lived in Cardiff for a short while, it has changed a lot since then, i don't think I'd recognise it today. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was newly arrived and I told someone a shop was called Ar Gau (because that was what the sign in the window said) - however if you speak any welsh you will quickly spot that Ar Gau just means 'closed'. Laugh? Well everyone else did!

  3. Ohhh, Cardiff. Why does that make me think "rugby"?