07 August 2006

The Mighty Boosh

As part of my birthday present Simon got me The Mighty Boosh series 1 and 2 which is rather ace as think they are brill. They have been described as the Morcambe and Wise for our age which is perhaps rather strong, but they are very good. I feel more of a Reeves and Mortimer influence, they are silly and surreal, and there is an element of The Goodies too. I think they are great, far more inventive and funnier than Little Britain and not as snide.

If you've not heard of them check out this clip then get yourself down to Amazon and order copies of their DVDs now.


  1. The Mighty Boosh is superb...

    Grey leg faced beast is a particular favourite :)

  2. And chiming in as the latest of the belated... Happy Birthday! :-)

  3. Ah the Boosh is brilliant.

    My fave has to be Old Gregg, half-man, half-fish with a love of Bailey's.

  4. Happy belated Birthday!
    And did you know if you type "today i have been mostly" to Google who's third?

  5. happy very belated birthday :)