24 July 2006


Save it, Smiley, originally uploaded by nytejade.

Becky and I were chatting on IM this evening about useful shorthands for showing that something is amusing. Bex had just published the second in her Tranny and TV series and it's rather good I think, I thought the first one was very good as well and commented "snigger" as that's what I did when I read it, but that didn't go down too well as Bex thought that I hadn't really found it very funny.

The problem is that with over use of various shorthands on the internet to show amusement it takes a ROFL!!!! to know that you've raised a slight smile. What is needed to reverse this inflation is a campaign to insert a few TLAs and phrases to cover from stoney silence to injury threatening laughter. Thing is I'm not having much luck coming up with any ideas. "That Made Me Smile And Snort To Myself Quietly 'Cos It Was Amusing", doesn't really roll of the tongue and as a TLA it's shocking.


  1. I use 'teehee' for a giggle-worthy statement.

  2. How about "ILSHIPMP" (I laughed so hard I pissed my pants). Everyone should start to use that! And give me one Euro, Pound, or Dollar everytime they use it. I can always exchange the Euros or Pounds at the airport currency booth.

    By the way, I am cooling off in the wonderful air conditioning at the beach vacation condo. And I found Pimms! It is refreshing stuff when it is so hot outside that it should be in violation of the Geneva Convention! Thanks for mentioning the stuff, it is not very well known in the States.

  3. Billy - Teehee has it's merits.

    Iggy - Yey you found Pimms, glad you're enjoying it! It is rather grand stuff/fruit-flavoured-falling-over-water