27 July 2006


I had to go to Portsmouth with work yesterday, a factory visit, I've only just got back within the last hour, work wise it was a useful visit, it always nice to meet some the people I've only ever have spoken to over the phone and being a bit of an engineering groupie I love going round the factory floor.

However the major plus points to the visit from a purely selfish point of view

1. The hire car we got had air conditioning.

2. The hotel we stayed in had air conditioning in the rooms

3. Most of the factory was air conditioned.

Last night we went down to Gunwhale Wharf for dinner, It was almost sunset as we walked towards the restaurant and I was able to get a couple of nice pictures of the Spinnaker Tower and the sunset.


There was quite a spectacular electric storm last night, we watched from the restaurant last night, we thought we would be in for a very damp walk back to the hotel but the storm missed us.

It's just stopped raining here now, the sun is trying to come out so the humidity is rising again, my hair is in ringlets and my eyebrows are trying to curl.


  1. I have relatives down in Pompey and will be visiting them in October.
    I can't wait as I love Portsmouth!

  2. Pompey - happy memories. Well, hazy ones of runs ashore and dodging the Naval Provost.

  3. So, the notorious Spinny has been commemorated as far afield as Pompey!!

    Play up!!

    Have a grand weekend Jane,


  4. Connie - My brother lives not too far away too.

    Magpie - Thank you pure luck

    Kat - One of my colleagues is ex Navy, he lived in Pompey for quite a while, he spent most of the evening describing how various escapades on shore.

    Bob - Thanks and you too!