02 July 2006


Went to the beach today. I, we have red glowing feet and sore shoulders. Opps I never burn when abroad only at home, seem to misjudge the sun every time.


  1. Which beach did you go to, Jane? I heard they were pretty well packed out today.

  2. Branchester I think it was called Isobel, we got there early so no problems parking, and as we bothered to walk up the beach a bit we had loads of space.

  3. You really need to come to a Florida beach. You would think the water is bathtub warm. And there are all kinds of water critters you can look at.

    Right now airfare is expensive, but the water should stay warm till at least late September!

  4. Brancaster beach became somewhat crowded later on, on Sunday. It's nice there. Shame about the quicksand, and NEVER try to get out to the wreck.
    If you don't mind long walks, Thornham tends to be even quieter. It's best to park on high ground during spring tides: it tends to flood a bit.
    There are some nice pubs there, too.