03 July 2006

Ouch Revisited.

I was going to blog a picture of my sunburnt foot to gain maximum sympathy and milk the situation for all its worth but when I took some trial shots it looked so horrific I've decided not to inflict it on you all. It really isn't pretty.

If it hadn't been for the sunburn the day at the beach would have been perfect, we got there early and could park up close to the beach we had our choice of where to sit the only other people there were two sets of couples who had slept on the beach overnight. The water was cold but just about bearable after a while it felt positively warm (OK perhaps not warm warm but not like ice water).

Every time we went for a dip though it was the same, stride up to the water confidently then the first icy wavelets cover our toes and we would stop.

"Oooh, that's a bit cold that is" shuffle forward

"nah it's really too cold" then the I'm not going to be shown up by a mere 6 year old feeling would kick in as a small child would run past us into the waves with a maniacal giggle so we would stride in til the water was covering our thighs.

"I don't know what you are complaining about it's not cold" stride stride stri... you know that feeling when icy cold water first hits the lower part of your torso? It's the one that takes the breath away and make you wish that your legs were about 6 inches longer, well that's the point where you might as well get completely wet so first time in I tried to rugby tackle Simon. It didn't work and I sort of slide down his torso into the cold briny water. And then you get used to it, it's not that cold and we swam a bit, floated on our backs looking at our toes and people watched. Then it would get it a bit boring so we would get out, marvelling at how warm the shallow waters are at the edge.

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  1. Assuming that it was the North Sea, The next propper hard bit off the coast is Iceland.

    You know ten miles away in the gas rigs they are issuing people with full survival suits for the same stretch of water !.

    Very brave of you.