30 June 2006


Well that's my team out of the World Cup - I got Argentina in the office sweepstake I had been quietly cherishing the hope that they may well win it, but it was not to be they were knocked on penalties by Germany. The Italians are currently stuffing the Ukrainians which is only unexpected in that the Italians have scored more than one goal.

Tomorrow is England's match I don't think I can bear it, it's either going to be an orgy of over the top celebration as England beat Portugal or an orgy of frustration and blame as they fail to make it to the semis either way it's not going to be fun.


  1. So either way an Orgy is on the cards then?

    Have you warned Simon?

  2. I'm a Scotland fan remember, I'll be tutting in a disapproving manner and may be listening to a bit of the white heather club on the wireless.

  3. On the one hand, I really hope England doesn't win - because I dont think I can cope with an inflation in the self-satisfied smugness that will ensue.

    On the other, I hope they do, because I'll be able to turn round to every single crowing Eng-er-land smugger*, and remind them that THEY GOT BEATEN BY NORTHERN IRELAND

    (*"Smugger" - someone who is smug)

  4. THIS JUST IN!!! I might be in London sometime in March!

    After a tansaltantic flight I will be VERY THIRSTY and in dire need of a pint or two.

  5. Siobhan - *Smugger* I like it

    Iggy - I know of a good pub or two in London!

  6. The best comment I have heard on the radio was after the England/Paraguay match, and the (obviously of NI extraction) interviewer asked (some random Engerlish donkey) how he felt the match went, yadaya, and if they expected to win, yadada, as it wasn't as if they were playing quality opposition, I mean, Paraguay, they ain't no Northern Ireland, are they?

    I snorted my drink through my nose when I heard that.

  7. Let the orgy begin :-(((