29 June 2006

Say Cheese

Lifted from Becky's Blog
Let the Canons roar! (and the Nikons, Pentaxes...)

How dumb is this idea to have a Non Photography Day? I don't know about you but I find the idea that we should "Experience life in an unmediated fashion, without anything in front of your eyes. Live in the moment", as it's protagonist suggested in this BBC article, utterly abhorrent.

I like my life mediated. Living in the moment is pants, because (by definition) moments are too short. The world cries out to be captured, processed and the bad bits cropped out!

So, I'm launching a counter-campaign. Join me and let's make July 17th the most photographed day ever! :-)"
It's a work day which is a bit sad but I'll be carrying my camera, will you?

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