25 June 2006


So yeah we went to Sparkle (website is down at the moment 21:23 25 June 06 so I can't link to it) it was fun if tiring. A lot of it was like any other tranny do in that we met up with friends and I got further along in my "tick off" list of "famous trannies" who I have met. I didn't get a proper chance to talk to every one I wanted to and I woke up with an exceptionally bad head.

Details? We had lunch with Jo Nicholls (her site is also down due to Fasthosts being borked) and Valerie S who came over from Helsinki for Sparkle on Canal Street by the Miss English Rose competition. This contest was looking for "real femininity" although what walking around with a book on your head has to do with femininity real or otherwise is a bit beyond me. Highlight for me was the confusion caused by a man jogging through the book balancing obstacle course wearing a neoprene wet suit and carrying a canoe on his shoulder.

Jo, Becky and Valerie

The evening kicked off with Champagne courtesy of Valerie, I should also add that apart from excellent English, a dry and witty sense of humour she is also an excellent host!

Rather than talk here are some photos

OMG I'm in a Limo

On the way


Definitely worth viewing the large version this one.

To quote Ms Curran "I got drunk, it was fab"

And I was, if only for a brief moment of time a VIP

(Edited 27 June 06 to correct my awful English and insert links)


  1. Bah... I've got all these great Sparkle posts all in draft and I can't post them because Fasthosts is knackered.

    Hope they get the bloody sites back up soon or by the time I do my really funny joke about the canoe it will be old hat...

  2. I got back and was eager to see what had been posted and was gutted it was down.
    But all is well again in the Blog universe.
    Glad you had a great time Jane. It's always nice to catch up on good friends.

  3. Oooh! a vip! even when its only for a while its still pretty cool :)
    glad you had a good time,it sounds like you had a blast!

  4. It was nice to meet up with you at last. Wasn't Sparkle great :)