27 June 2006


I've had one of those niggling annoying days. You know it is possible to injure yourself sneezing, I sneeze loudly and with some force, I've been known to scare birds from fields in adjoining counties. Last night I managed to pull a muscle in my diaphragm and it hurt every time I breathed, fortunately it eased up during the day. Anyhoo waiting at the bus stop this afternoon the bus which was already late, just whooshed past without even making a pretense of stopping. I was not a happy bunny.

And then when I got home the electricity was off! After reporting to electricity network people and double checking that I hadn't been inadvertently cut off all I could do was sit in the gathering gloom reading a book. I was robbed of blog reading time :-0 wonder if I could sue.

I also need a torch.


  1. Think on the positive side... at least you were electricityless during the summer with long hours of daylight. It's worse when it happens in the winter :)

  2. Ah , when Ive had a bad day & the electricity goes off in my house I like to hug my knees , rock back & forth in the dark & cry myself to sleep.

    This may not be a helpful tip for those with diaphragm damage.

    ,But it helps pass the dark moments.

    Sorry you had a bad day.

  3. Magpie, you are right, I would have been gently weeping and taking Sim's advise if it had been winter

    Sim - Lol thanks I'll remember your suggestion for next time and thanks :)