24 June 2006

So Yeah

We are going to Sparkle, the second ever sparkle. The bars of Canal Street will have stocked up on the "girliest" drinks they can think of, the plastic straw merchants will have pocketed great big wodges of the folding stuff then called their wives "Mabel, we can afford that Caribbean Island now. And to think your dad said I would never amount to anything in plastics."

and I are getting ready, well Becky is getting ready I am "tranny wallahing" this involves fetching carrying and scouring the shops of Liverpool for the finest make up wipes (failed - it started raining, I hadn't had my breakfast and anyways I bought makeup remover and cotton wool). Rather than follow the crowd and stay in Manchester on Friday night we stopped at Jess's place last night and we will make our way over shortly.

Sparkle is the biggest transgendered event in Britain there will be literally lots of trannies of all styles in Manchester today if you were to lay them end to end you would get a load of trannies complaining that their outfits are getting muddy.

Right, Becky is almost ready so back to the wallahing.

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