21 June 2006

Micheal Owen and other World Cup Related Stuff.

I feel extremely sorry for Michael Owen, Owen ruptures anterior cruciate knee ligament, a nasty painful injury and it takes time to recover from. His World Cup is over and he's possibly out for months. I don't feel sorry for Newcastle though, that's a club I've never been able to warm to, that's partially due to an ex boyfriend supported them he was an extremely nasty manipulative person which unfortunately I did not see properly until after I dumped him. It's all a long time ago however there is still a thought process that happens whenever I see or hear of NUFC: Newcastle = Geordie Andy = twat. I do have to add that I have since met Newcastle fans who are delightful but it's ingrained now.

I thought England were fairly dismal yesterday against Sweden, although they played relatively well in the first half their performance in the second half was not so nice. It wouldn't surprise me if the Ecuadorian team are quietly fancying their chances given a bit of luck and a following wind.

I am glad though that England have avoided Germany. I'm glad because I don't think I could have borne the jingoistic fervour that the tabloids would have whipped themselves into. Wars would have most definitely being mentioned and all sorts of rash declarations being made about how invincible England are (my arse) and 20 reasons why England is better than Germany, I can think of 1 we don't have pigs knuckles as a regional dish but I run out after that.

It is the English tabloid press and their ugly over the top reactions that make it virtually impossible for me to wish England well. I hate their cocksure overconfidence, I hate the over statement, I am seriously disturbed that anyone could have thought that this was a suitable image for football, he looks more like he is being tortured through crucifixion than celebrating his joy and pride in being English.

I am a Scotland fan I know that I support a shite team, I'm used to that - it's good for the character, honest, any success is eagerly accepted and appreciated and defeat is taken stoically. But then again I don't live in Scotland and I don't read the Scottish press so I can say that. For all I know the Daily Record could be putting the Sun to shame when it comes to borderline xenophobic sports coverage but the important part here is - I don't get to see it and so I don't have to confront it. I do get to see the English versions of the different media and it makes me uncomfortable. It's a sport not a war and yes it is damn important but it is actually fun, well it's supposed to be fun, you wouldn't think that reading the red tops.

The perfect world cup would a) have Scotland qualifying and getting out of their group and b) no contentious opponents for any of the home nations before being knocked out. Definition of non contentious is - we must not have gone to war with them, married into their royal family, be in a semi political union with them, once been their colonial masters, they were once our colonial overlords have had a spat with them in the last 2000 years which leaves just about nobody.


  1. Anonymous22 June, 2006

    Hi, good post. This guy can't take a trick it seems. I was just talking bout the whole matter on a forum > importantly, can England win the WC now that Owen is gone? Check out some of these posts if you have the chance/inclination - http://www.121s.com/viewtopic.php?t=9212 - although be aware that you may encounter a plethora of cocky poms!!!

  2. Anonymous22 June, 2006

    MMMM, Schweinshaxe!!! I am so looking forward to some with Knodel when I get off this tiny island and go to Germany later in the year.
    I decided to go against the grain and support my wife's country this time around as they might stand a better chance than the poms. Graeme

  3. Go USA!

    Okay, I know, we already got told to go. As in 'go home.'

    Most Americans don't 'get' the World Cup thing. Including me. But I do feel inadequate for my lack of enthusiasm, or even comprehension.