15 May 2006

It Had To Happen Sometime

Becky took this rather nice photo of me before we went to TX. It is rather nice even if I do have the strap showing, oops, Connie and Miss Cyanne said nice things, which was very kind.

Jane pre TX


welakawombat says:

You look SO much like my wife!

Controlled Burn says:

Ron this is SO not a guy! She could be my sister! Very very stunning if I do say so myself *seeing as she looks like me:-)*
It amused Becky inordinately, *humpfh*


  1. The second comment sounds fine, and if that's his wife saying you're stunning and you look like her, then she must be stunning so the first comment is good too. You do look good :)

  2. Aww thanks Jess flattery will get you a Birthday present!

  3. I believe once a long time ago I said "Wow!" and I see no reason to change that opinion.

  4. Kate Weston17 May, 2006

    You look like a ... hmmm maybe you havn't read my last comment yet. I'll err on the side of safety.

    You look lovely! Stunning!


  5. Oh that is a fab pic Jane.