15 May 2006


It's not just me, is it?

Bono does look a bit of a tit in those purple perpex-y glasses. Posted by Picasa


  1. No, it's not just you: he does look like a tit, but the glasses are just as bad, too.

  2. Bono may be a fre steps from going off the deep end.

    But at least he stands for something.

    But look like a tit? Only tits look like tits. In America, I think the phrase would be "look like a jackass" or something??

    Tit is a word reserved for women's fun bags.

  3. Kate Weston17 May, 2006

    Actually 'looking like a tit' never seems right to me. I mean it should be a compliment, they are one of the few human organs that not only look great but are extremely useful in the baby food supply chain sector. apart from the fact that they don't fight gravity too well as a woman ages I can't think of anything negative about them.
    "You look like a tit!"
    "Why thankyou, I try!"
    Makes more sense to me.


  4. Iggy I agree Bono does more than count his millions, putting his time, money and clout into causes he believes in, but it still doesn't stop him from looking like a "trendy Dad" who is three seconds away from embarassing his whole family.

    Kate - I have an image of a guilty faced bird with silver foil round it's neck and up to it's cheaks in the cream from the top of the milk