28 January 2006

New Boots

I wasn't able to order a new fridge freezer today (I really need one, my old one is dying, but I couldn't find one I liked and in my price bracket.) I did manage to get new boots though.


  1. Priorities, eh?

    I hope you have a bag to go with those boots. And a coat. Or, if not, oh woe! you will just have to buy them. (At least, so it goes in our house.)

  2. Isn't it amazing how a post title can instantly grab ones attention and get them reading your blog :)


  3. ST fortunately for my bank manager all my handbags are black as is my good winter coat. However you have just reminded me that does need replacing... :-)

    Steph - Yep! :-D

  4. Like the boots!
    Strange coincidence..all my bags are black too (since I ruined the suede one at PP in October) and I have a black winter coat too. But black goes with anything and by buying different shapes and sizes you can be totally versatile.

    Do I see one of my favourite board games lurking under the table..Monopoly.

  5. fabulous boots... i am becoming obsessed with new shoes again, but could definitely do with some smart heels.

  6. ooh ooh! love the noo boots!

    (nothing if not predictable)