29 January 2006

MacGoth Tartan

It would be nice but there isn't one. I discovered a wee while ago that I don't have a family tartan, which isn't really surprising seeing as most of my forebears (sp?) were from the south of Ireland and *cough* Holt.

But as discovered by Joanna there is this site that allows you to design your own tartan. Becky was playing with it last night, I think the MacVérité tartan has a lot of pink in it.

I did discover that I have a clan Aran Sweater though! I'm not entirely convinced that it isn't away of gulling Dollars from Irish diaspora in the USA and Canada.


  1. So let me get this straight... that means there's actually an ancestry you can't lay claim to? ;-)

  2. So you even have a bit of Norfolk in you Jane?? However, no claiming to be quasi- celtish once the Rugby starts...Scotland two wins perchance??

    By the way what is the link between Fridge Freezers and Boots??


  3. Gee you two are so funny! :-P

    Charlotte - What do you mean no claiming to be quasi-celtish? I am mostly Celt. But not Scottish, but I grew up in Scotland the first world cup I remember was 1978, I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland had qualified England hadn't - who do you think I'm going to support? And it's stuck with me.

  4. Two wins? Hardly... more like maybe beating Italy and losing (probably heavily) to the other four me thinks.

  5. That's great. I have an Irish surname but an unclear, mutt lineage. My Dad's the geneology bug, but even he is unsure whether we're Irish, Scottish or Scots-Irish, and that's only a portion of a family tree that apparently has German, Flemish, Danish and Indian (First Nations type, not Red Dot type) roots.

    But I've always wanted a full dress kilt for formal occasions. Not that I need to dress up that often, but why not feel the breeze on my crotch when I do?

  6. Yes, let's concentrate on the rugby (the football is too depressing...). I reckon we'll open with a tight game with France that we'll lose when Gregor Townsend makes a surprise appearance as a sub and tries a pass out of defense in the dying seconds... France bundle over the line to win. Italy will beat us, then we'll beat Wales and Ireland and I refuse to predict what will happen when we meet the Auld Enemy. (and no, not because I'm scared too).

    Tartans are great. I can claim McLean AND Gordon as mine as my mother's maiden name is Gordon...