06 December 2005


To me one of the finest smells there is is that of onions and garlic being gently sautéd in good olive oil. When I smell them I am taken back to university days when I got my first cast iron casserole dish and the cooking I used to do there. Cheap cuts of beef stewed slowly with bay leaves, chilies and curries, the staples especially when entertaining.

I'm entertaining tomorrow, Simon and a couple of friends Dave and Anne. I'm going to do my poorman's version of coq au vin with rice. With olives as nibbles and something or other as pudding, not sure what yet, probably ice cream.

Fanny Craddock would not approve but who cares. For me the point of entertaining is talking to people and having fun not slaving over a hot stove cooking food that has to be served with military precision for it to be at its best. I know I am a good cook I'm just not interested in cooking very fancy food. Keep it simple and simple presentation works for me and I haven't had any complaints yet.


  1. oh god yes - i love that smell - and i always comment on it when i'm cooking!

    have a great time

  2. oh yeah, that does smell good... now you've got me hungry! Not sure what I'm gonna do about it, 1:25am and all...

  3. For the office holiday party, I am going to do the lazy thing and just buy a fully cooked spiral cut ham from the market.

  4. Mmmm, that's go down nicely with a bottle of Croze Hermitage - hope you had a fun evening. Like your cooking ethos.

  5. C'lam and Emily I also think that smell is so enticing because it contains the promise of a good meal.

    Iggy - I'm doing even lazier I'm going away for the Christmas and New Year

    Rachel - I can not comment but judging the relative silence while eating and the number of empty bottles I found yesterday morning a good time was had by all