28 October 2005

I've been tagged by Jo, so here goes:

Three names I go by:

1. Jane
2. Bridget
3. Goth

Three screen names I have had:

1. Janegoth
2. Jane
3. Edie Minogue

Three physical things I like about myself:

1. My hair
2. My eyebrows
3. My hands

These are silly it doesn't tell you much about me apart from where my vanities might lie

Three physical things I don't like about myself:

1. My weight
2. my feet
3. being shortsighted.

Also I can normally think of one or two things then start to run out I'm not that fussed about my physical appearance.

Three parts of my heritage:

1. Irish
2. Welsh
3. English

Three things that scare me:

1. Spiders
2. Feet
3. loud bangs

Three of my everyday essentials:

1. housekeys
2. mobile
3. money

Three of my favourite musical artists:

1. White Stripes
2. The Pixies
3. Jesus And Mary Chain

Three of my favourite songs:

1. Venus In Furs - Velvet Underground
2. A Forest - The Cure
3. Temple of Love - The Sisters Of Mercy (Original Version not the one with Ofra Haza wailing in the background like a air raid siren on heat)

Three things I want in a relationship:

1. Love
2. Fun
3. All of the bed

And the duvet too. There are loads of things I want in a relationship but I'm not going to share the really meaningful ones with yous am I?

Three LIES:

1. I like pedicures
2. I own a car
3. I am exceptionally tidy


1. I lived in the USA
2. I took the controls of an aircraft while flying through the Alps
3. I can't stand Lord Of The Rings

re number two, see number 2 of "I want to do before I die".

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me:

1. Erm apart from the obvious?
2. ooh ok - strength
3. nice hands - long fingers

Oh this is so reductionist, men are not lumps of meat to be oggled at. How can they be reduced down to three things and physical ones as well, this is vaguely sexist?

Three of my favourite hobbies:

1. sleeping
2. drinking
3. eating

Like I'm going to tell you what my hobbies are for you all to laugh at me? But I do enjoy all of the above .

Three things I want to do really badly now:

1. nothing really
2. that I'm willing to share with you
3. but a cup of coffee would be nice

Three careers I've considered:

1. Army Officer
2. Civil Engineer
3. Worker in a sweetie factory

Was a combination of the two wanted to join REME and build bridges in Germany. Decided that physics was more interesting than civil engineering. I was 4 when I wanted to do number 3

Three places I want to go on holiday:

1. Japan
2. Rome
3. Paris

Not been to any of them really really want to go to Japan.

Three kid's names I like:

1. Edith
2. Thomas
3. Ermintrude

I'm lying about one of these, can you guess which one boys and girls?

Three things I want to do before I die:

1. Go to Japan
2. Learn to fly
3. Own a Car

love flying wanna do it.

Three ways that I am stereotypically a boy:

1. I like beer
2. I drink pints
3. I score highly for spacial awareness

This is sexist

Three ways that I am stereotypically a girl:

1. I have very long hair
2. I have very small hands
3. I have small feet.

as is this. Any way at my age I think woman or man would be a more appropriate world. Also been highly interesting reading some of the answers to those two questions on other blogs.
Personally I say reject the stereotype.

Three celebrity crushes

1. Becky EnVérité - well at least she told me she was a celebrity!
2. er
3. thats it

Three people you want to see carry on this meme

1. Charlotte
2. Urban Chick
3. Michelle


  1. learning to fly is definitely worth it. If you are serious, a way to keep it cheaper over the longer run of your hobby is to start by owning your own plane. Sounds stupid, but it's how I saved a ton of cash going through flight school

  2. I've thought about learning to fly - how hard can it be to keep yourself in the the air for cry... [ground]. Anyway, as I was saying, I've thought about but I doubt they'd let anyone with my myopia anywhere near a pilot's seat.

    My best mate has got his CPL and did once take me up in what was effectively flying petrol can (ok, a single engine prop job). I can recall my mum asking me what happens if something goes wrong and not liking my reply... mainly because it was something along the lines of "I'll put my head between my legs and kiss my arse goodbye".

  3. Michelle, I can't afford to run a car let alone own a plane so learning to fly is just a pipe dream at the moment. :-(

  4. Flying is great.Have been in a two seater training plane flown by a Tornado pilot as an Air Cadet. What a rush!!

    And helicopter flying would be great (thats what I get for watching Airwolf as a kid)

  5. For some reason, when you said you looked for long fingers in a beau... I got a picture of that hand that plays the piano and strangles people in that old horror film....

    But I guess as you started out with 'the obvious'..... I doubt he would be your ideal partner.... though their would be nobody to fight over the duvet with... arf, arf....

  6. Thanks Jane,

    Only just got back to the real world so will blog this tonight!!!!

  7. Thanks also unless you are thinking about someone else but if it is me..you're sweet lol
    Also I HAVE flied a plane and a glider!! And am small, have small hands and feet

  8. Yes Michelle I do mean you!

  9. I AM a celebrity! :-o

    Get me out of here! ;-)