31 October 2005


I love dressing up, I suppose it was partially why being a goth appealled to me, the clothes and the make up. It's part of why I enjoy going to the formal functions that sometimes have at work. So when Simon suggested going to a fancy dress part at Sophie's I was up for it.

However the last fancy dress do I went to was in 1986, at school.

I went as Dr Jeykll and Ms Hyde,

Dr Jeykle and Ms Hyde

The theme was "dead famous"- my mission to do get a costume together with the minimum of expenditure.

I have posh frocks, I have glittery bling, I have dark hair so Lady Di was out but Princess Margaret was in. One cheap tiara from Derby Market later I had a costume.

Jedgarhoover and Margaret

Simon went as J Edgar Hoover. J Edgar Hoover died of a heart attach there is no reason to believe that he had blood tricking from his mouth but the lure of fake blood was too much for many to resist.

J Edgar Hoover

We should have gone trick or treating before the party started I think we would have got loads of sweeties don't you?

Must. Pose. In. Corridor.


  1. I seem, to rememebr that J Edgar Hooover liked to dress in a pink frilly pinny and do the ironing for his gay lover..... though I am sure htis has nothing to do with anything......

    Alll I will say is, I hope you didn't burn your shins getting in the bath.... lol

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  3. Eeore - Apparently the cross dressing stories about J Edgar Hoover are not true. However there is no need to let the truth get in the way of a good costume!

    Emily - We did it was great!