04 September 2005

The Great Outdoors

Yesterday was one of those rare beautiful summer days that you would not want to change in any way. It was warm without being oppressively hot, the sky was blue with hardly a cloud in the sky and there was a light wind to cool the brow.

So went for a walk, this is a rare enough occurrence for me to blog about even if it had been raining dank and miserable.

Near by where I live there is a river with pleasant paths along it and park land near by. Walking along the river you have to cross weirs that link the river to the flood ponds that have been built as part of the flood defences.

weir 3 sept 05.

Further upstream there a lock so we went up there to see if there were any boats going through it. I've always been fascinated with locks, when I was little we would often visit canals when we were on holiday in South Western England, we would stop at a set of locks that would have a pub nearby wait for a barge to arrive at the lock, my brother and I would rush to the "driver" of the boat asking "can we help you Mister, can we can we?" We would happily push open or close the lock gates until our parents got bored of this entertainment and we went back home.

Fortunately there was a boat going through.

closing the lock gate 3 sept 05

It was fun watching as they opened and closed gates to adjust the water's height

opening the sluices 3 Sept 05. The chap is not wearing a borg costume as I first thought it was a diving suit, he had been diving in the river earlier on but by the time I took the photo he must have been quietly melting.

Lucky it was such a sunny day could see where the opening was in the lock gate.

lock gate detail.

On the way back to home crossed across one of the flood plains, currently it is fully of cows.

cow 3 Sep 05

But come heavy rainfall the meadow resembles a lake instead.

It was a beautiful day.


  1. How good is the weather at the moment! I'm loving it. The pictures look wonderful.

  2. It is lovely weather Em, and thanks.

  3. You have some patience there, girl, uploading all those pictures!

  4. Wyndham - the uploading doesn't take that long once I got the hang of flickr it's the sorting through the large number of rubbish photos that takes the time because I got "trigger" happy.

    szpkemct - Old slav word for "put the camera down you foolish girl"

  5. Great pictures! Looks like it was a nice day. :)

  6. Sounds like you had a great day. Hope you stopped and bought and Ice lolly.

  7. Walking with our eyes open - one of the great free pleasures left to us - thankyou for sharing your walk.

  8. One of the joys of our part of the country is that 5 minutes out of town and you're in the country. Deeply sympathetic of all these inner city kids who've never seen a cow or climbed over a stile!

  9. Becky - Thank you, yes it was a lovely day.

    Eeore - lol

    Charlotte - Didn't see an ice cream van. I had a pint (possibly 2) of cider once back in civilisation.

    Kate - Thanks it is one of the last free pleasures

    Stegbeetle - being a townie at heart I can also see the other advantage within 5 minutes can be in the town, but I do know what you mean :-)

  10. Brings back memories of childhood days taking the family's double canoe (wood and pvc) on the Stort, Waveney and Lee. Don't think we ever got over Cambridge way.

    Do the summers of childhood seem hotter to other folk?

  11. I don't know the summers of my youth seem more perfect but that is because I don't remember how hot it was or the weather in too much detail.

  12. I remember summers having more rain and not being as aggressively hot. Of course, it's possible I could handle the heat better when I was young and didn't notice it as much!