06 September 2005


We had another false fire alarm this morning we all dutifully trooped out of the building and on to the grass outside, because I was at my desk I was able to grab my handbag and mobile so that I could take pictures of the building in flames if it had turned out to be the real thing. Others also grabbed the essentials this was noticed by our fire warden who sent out the following email once the excitement had died down.

To All
From Fire Warden
Date 06/09/05

Dear All,

As we are all sat back at our desks, you will be aware the fire alarm this morning was a false alarm (unfortunately my In-Tray did not go up in smoke). The evacuation and subsequent muster went very smoothly, however there are a couple of pertinent instructions that need to be exercised, which are:

1. If not in the immediate vicinity of the fire and if time permits, switch off all electrical appliances.

2. Close all doors and windows.

Your priority is NOT to save your favourite Kylie Minogue calendar, your mobile phone or cigarettes for a quickie on the grass. I appreciate that we all by nature assume the fire alarm is false, however one day it may not and these actions will reduce any damage.

Tis true, one of the bosses was happily stood there with a mug in one hand and his Kylie calendar in the other chatting away without a care in the world.

PS we had another false fire alarm this afternoon as well.


  1. lol...

    It all sounds like an episode of 'Are You Being Served'...

  2. Were the cigarettes for before the quickie in the grass or after.....?:)

    qklki - an ancient word meaning..gotcha LOL

  3. Never heard it called a mug before.

  4. Eeore, Charlotte and Wyndham - ho ho!

  5. Classic. Save the hot chick calendar before you evacuate.

    I would save my glass frog.

  6. Iggy - when we had to evacuate the second time, the calendar came out again!