06 September 2005

Awful Awful Gifs

There is a chain email going around at the moment I got it today, it is full of toe curling "folk" wisdom and "downhome commonsense" saying about and by "Mommies" utter utter guff

But the crowning glory of its naffness was the animated gifs attached. Too good to keep to myself I decided that it was my duty to share

The fairy blowing love over everyone!

The wacky colour blind red head.

The jumping for joy woman - ugg

Dancing in the flowers

And you can make up captions for the last two

Now where is that gif of a sick bag?


  1. And you suggested that they would brighten up my Blog...

    Good job I checked here first.

  2. Charlotte, you mean you are not tempted? lol

  3. Is the last woman in the purple frock saying..."Oh shit, where did my snow-board go!!!"

  4. Oh don't be such a killjoy... I would a fairy to blow hearts over me.....

  5. The first woman is saying - "look at my magic hand swapping glass trick"

    The second one looks like shes desperate for the toilet, or has had her feet glued to the floor by her kids

  6. I don't know about captions, but the one with the red top and the glass of bubbly would describe herself as an "attractive champagne blonde divorcee, 32 (yeah, and the rest) - seeks tall dark stranger for adventures! GSOH essential." Oh, and she is currently pursuing her neighbours' 17 year old son, without much success.