15 August 2005

Not much to say

Except I've updated my more about you post. I would update the Me Me Me post except NO ONE is asking me questions. For goodness sakes this is a blog its about ME! so go on even banal questions will be considered.

One thing that I did want to say is that I've seen those little "post its" on other blogs Cam at Save Wampi has them I not sure I need that cos I'm a happy being (cynical laughter off site from those that have met me) I need a post it for hair states

I've got about 4

Cousin It

Crystal Tips

Janis Joplin

Ian Astbury in his mid 80s prime.

This morning it was Crystal Tips


  1. I got a question that you could use for a blog entery.

    You said something about ales. But there are many ales! From pale ales to stouts - the range is pretty wide.

    So what ale do you order when you get:

    Brown Ale
    Pale Ale (IPA)

  2. Crystal tips sounds good - is this after you've first arisen from bed? And do you go to work, sporting the crystal tips style?

  3. Iggy - I'm still thinking on the answer. I'll post it up when I've got there.

    Rachel - I like Crystal Tips so occasionally I do go to work like that the other three get brushed out immediately!

  4. hmmmmm.... rainbow hair and unbendable limbs.... the winning combination....

  5. And a dog called Alistair of course Eeore