14 August 2005


I was idly looking through my photos on flickr today when I decided to list them in order of most viewed. Not unsurprisingly the photo of Tristram's birthday cake was most viewed.
tristram birthday cake

I'm not surprise, since my post about Tristram's birthday party was picked up by MusicThing and I'm still getting the occasional referral from the site now.

No what does surprise me is what is joint second most favourite - this why?
mascara wand 1
It's not a brilliant photograph, surely most people above a certain age have seen a mascara wand so why the interest?

And why is the photograph of my old, awful kitchen relatively so popular?
My Kitchen about 5 years about
Why? Unless it looks so awful people are taking a second look out of disbelief? I've not got the foggiest.

I can understand why the photos of the cat are getting views, small furry animals are always popular and she is a cute cat... with a manic, agressive streak though.

When my brother was setting the computer up for me, he said jokingly the internet was only good for email and p0rn I disagreed. "Email, p0rn and blogging" though having thought about it overnight - a thought popped into my head as I pottered about last night, there is another thing the internet is good for; Email, p0rn, blogging and pictures of kittens and puppies.

Anyway as I'm talking of pictures, I had a call from my Mum this morning she told me that she had finally accepted my flickr contact offer and that she had seen that I had taken a photo of the new computer, which if I was going to give it a name would be 'Beastie' but I won't cos I don't give inanimate objects names apart from perhaps "useless piece of rubbish" when they don't work. Anyway she said that I was very sad for doing so.

But I said of course I did, I'm a blogger it's what I do.


  1. Windows XP makes you name your computer. So I named my laptop "Laptop of the eternal moonlight of the foggy mind".

    It said to make the name unique.

  2. lol Iggy - I know, I named mine "computer" my bro explained that this was for networks. I do like "Laptop of the eternal moonlight of the foggy mind" it has a ring to it.

  3. Our relationships with our computers are often our closest. They don't let us down...much.

  4. Em - oh but when our computers do let us down the trauma.

  5. That is a really great cake!

  6. Ruben - Thanks, I didn't make it Tristram's son got a talented lady to do it! It tasted really nice though!

  7. I think you're cute