26 August 2005

My Mother The Student!

My mum has signed up for a degree course this week, all because she saw an ad in the local paper for affiliate degree courses at the local FE college, "The History of English", first two years at the local college the 3rd year at APU.

On Monday!

She has the required O and A levels, but she doesn't have the Doc Martins yet, or a year's supply of Pot Noodles. She also needs a poster of Che Guavara, A Viz character and an obscure indie band, on her walls. It's a tough job but fortunately she has me to help her. Especially when it comes to obscure indie bands.

She will have to learn to text, 10,001 things to do with a tin of baked beans, stop choosing wines and drinks on a taste basis but start choosing them on an alcoholic quantity to price basis. She will also have to know the difference between Westlife and McFly, when she finds that out that she can tell me cos I've not got the foggiest.

She will have to get stroppy, actually that's a banker she can do that now. I do draw the line at her getting a floppy scarf or carrying a teddy bear about, if that happens I'm ringing my brother, we'll sort something out.

Update 27 August 05

I've just been to lunch with my mum, she reminds me that she does have a Che poster, bought in Cuba no less, I should have remembered I was there with her when she bought it.

Also it may seem that I'm mocking her a little I'm not, I'm immensely pleased and proud of her she should do very well.


  1. So which one in that picture is your mother?!

  2. lol Wyndham, It was either a picture from Brideshead Revisited or the Young Ones. I couldn't think of any iconic photos of female students.

  3. Iconic female students?

    Saffy from Ab Fab?
    Minnie the Minx?

  4. Selina - Thanks I didn't think of them mind you I've now got an image of my Mum as Buffy the vampire slayer ROFL

  5. If she comes home with a traffic cone at 3AM, be afraid. :)

  6. Eck Becky I had never thought of that! :-)