27 August 2005

Ego Thy Name Is Blogger.

First off and as an aside, although I very much doubt that you can start a post or a piece of writing with an aside. Does anyone know who coined the phrase "Ego Thy Name Is ..."? I did a quick search on Google and couldn't find anything.

Anyway to get to the point, I was happily logging into my blog yesterday evening when I found that on the TTLB Ecosystem I had dropped from being a Slithering Reptile to being a Crawly Amphibian. So I checked and it had lost 8 of the links it had had recorded against my blog. So I've done a count of all the links I know about, 22 sites link to me so it was wrong with Slithering Reptile anyway, I should have been a Flappy Bird.

Now I know it is only a bit of fun really. But godamnit, I'm a blogger, I have an ego, a delicate and fragile ego that needs, craves, the satisfaction that knowing my mitherings are thought interesting enough by someone to go to the effort of tweaking their template just a little to add me to their reading list or add me to their blogroll.

So I checked Technorati - Wrong. Blogshares - Wrong. My "who links to me" link doesn't work at all, that is the second time the code seems to have failed so next time I tweak my own template I think it's coming out. It looks ugly anyway.

I know we bloggers are delicate souls, we spend our time at work fretting over our stats, how many readers today, how many are new, how many returned, we wonder if our stats will be down today? How long did they spend dwelling over the posts we have lovingly crafted? We talk amongst ourselves about which is the best free log counter. Whole posts, like this one, are devoted to the howl of anguish that occurs when our popularity is not properly reflected.

So what it the answer? Well here at Goth Towers there is now a piece of paper with a list of all the people that I know link to me. I treasure them all, except the swinging site (not included in the 22) as I treasure you, the reader.


  1. I should be a slithering reptile. Which is fine really, although I prefer crawly reptile. Slithering implies no legs. It should be "jumpy amphibian".

    In other news, the hurricane was cool. I was in the eye. I have no more trees. And my UK beers are in a fairly nasty fridge that has been out of power for 2 days now.

    I need to borrow a chainsaw.

  2. I think I would rank as the primeval slime.

    By the way, 23.

  3. Hi Iggy, I'm glad you are all right, even if you have unpleasant fridge clearing duties ahead.

    Ahh Selina thank you! and I'm sure you don't rank as primeval slime!

  4. Hi Jane,

    I've never heard of this site before. Being a non-egotistical blogger I will investigage out of sheer curiosity. Thank you.

  5. Hah! I'm a lowly insect. Obviously wrong.

  6. Don - Yes most definately wrong!

  7. Kate Weston28 August, 2005

    Well to be honest I had never heard of 'Ego thy name is...' - but its pretty similar to 'Vanity thy name is...' which is the way I head it. I'm not sure who said it first because it's actually a misquote from Shakespeare. 'Vanity thy name is woman' (Hamlet) but the actual line is 'Frailty thy name is woman'
    And just to massage your poor ego - your blog rocks and I'll keep reading as long as I have internet access.

  8. Kate - I think you may be right it could well be a misquote, but I've must of heard it before somewhere because it popped into my head yesterday as I was thinking of something to blog about.

    Thank you very much for you kind words about the blog.

  9. "Well here at Sloth Towers there is now a piece of paper with a list of all the people that I know link to me. I treasure them all" - Aw, bless!

  10. jane you know I have been following your blogging exploits with joy an pleasure since you started.

    And understand that importance that this window for wold into your lihfe has proved to be. But I really didnt quite realise the importance that this has for you.

    I am touched and proud to have been able to assist with contributions and comment.

  11. Rachel - well it's true!

    Charlotte - The post was a bit tongue in cheek but it is fun blogging, I'm glad I started and I realise that although I may not be dooce like in readership I'm doing a lot better then many a three month old blog.

  12. OOPS sorry.......emotionally over wrought this weekend....

  13. Charlotte - no need to apologise.

  14. a swinging site links to you? is this an unintended consequence of your wet pussy post, do you think??!!

    we are all narcissistic fools (myself included) and so i say:

    you are marvellous
    your blog is marvellous
    we are ALL marvellous


    jyoffswi = polish for 'get lost'

  15. now that is weird I went to answer Ms Chick and the comment verification wouldn't work then it disappeared then it returned and didn't work so I've turned it off for the mo.

    Anyway no it wasn't the wet pussy post look at the more about you link for details.

    Thank you for your praise blushes You are marvellous too.