01 August 2005

Make Up Trivia

I've been using, playing with make up for many years now but until recently I didn't know that some mascara wands could do this


mascara wand 1

Then just semi push the wand back into the container and bend the wand through 90 degrees.


mascara wand 2

Cool isn't it!


  1. I've never had the occasion to use mascara so it's new to me too.

  2. If it wasn't Cambridgeshire, I'd be extremely suspicious of this post. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and take it at face value. Bendable mascara wands, eh? Who'd have thought it?

  3. Mike Don you never know when that bit information could come in useful!

  4. Wow, that's actually quite useful! :)

    Erm, the use of the word "actually" in that last sentence isn't meant to imply that everything else on this site isn't useful. ;-)

  5. Jane,

    I know that you will do anything to avoid doing the grouting...but a blog about bendable mascara wands....

    That really takes the biscuit.....

    "Pa fetch ma cattle prod.....!"

    As for tiling for food.....you make me sound so cheap


  6. Apparently I am cheap! "giggles" ROFL

  7. Becky - Glad to be of help

    Dave - "giggles"? mate you are obviously overworked I recommend you go on holiday for 3 weeks!

  8. You know odd that you should say that..bacause I am going on holiday for three weeks....stopping off in Epernay at the house of Moet for a small glug before continuing down to the Haute Savoie.

    Trouble is...Can you be left on your own for that length of time?...Who knows what you might get up to?

    APART from NOT doing anything on the flat. AND you cannot frighten me with threats of being exposed as a pikey!!! LOL


  9. Yeah it's because it has a wire in it like those braces brushes with the tree looking brush :)