17 June 2005

Read the Label

I suffer from hayfever, it is always at its worse in June and recently it has been building up to its annual climax, so this morning, knowing that it would be bad I took a tablet. By the time I got to work my eyes felt like someone was sticking pins into them, so I took another tablet. I buy the anti histamines that are take as required so I am not worried about popping them into my mouth as the day goes on cos they are not really strong enough to do any damage. That didn't stop the prickling feeling so I resorted to my next trick which is it to use a can of pop as an ice pack. It is wonderful not only does a can of cold pop pressed to the eye and the nose reduce swelling and prickliness it also helps the allergic reaction.

But as I said it was a bad day for hayfever and the can had warmed up sufficiently for me to drinks its contents so I popped another of tablets thinking they would relieve me of the torment, I gave it an hour and they hadn't. I took another couple of anti histamines at 2pm ish by three my eyes were still tormented but I could hardly stay awake. I was about to pop another tablet when I noticed what the packet said. "One a Day" "DO NOT EXCEED DOSE" well that explained the sleepiness and I pointed this out to my boss as my head sank towards the keyboard, it's not everyday someone overdoses on anti histamine.

Though I do have to point out it is 9:15 pm and I do actually feel fairly awake, but I would have posted this at 6 if I hadn't fallen asleep

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  1. I too am the happy recipient of a dose of hay-fever every year. The anti-histamines never quite manage to work 100% do they? I took young Dexter to London Zoo today and nearly got rounded up and thrown in with the chameleons my eyes were so puffed up!