16 June 2005

Girls With Blogs

I joined a webring Girls Blog UK the other day and I've been approved, which is nice. I haven't properly flicked through the blogs yet, but I look at some over the weekend.

I've been busy rearranging the living room now that the futon is dismantled, the bike is out downstairs to go to a Charity Shop on Saturday, the armchair has gone to in front of the balcony door, it blocks a little of the light and all of the road so all in all it's an improvement and I've moved the Ikea box so it is against the box and hey presto I've got floor space shame I don't like the carpet!

Appriasal(s) of the Day
2nd RO on Sgt Eng Tech AV

"A keen angler who would rather catch fish than try to out drink them".
Not quite sure what that one means any ideas please let me know!

And because I missed yesterday and it could describe my typing at times

Her typing, whilst energetic, will keep the makers of Snopake happy for a long time.

Updated 17 Oct 08

I then left the webring sometime in 2007 having decided that webrings were so 2004

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