07 June 2005

General Pinochet

It looks like the Chilean justice system is doing all it can to bring General Pinochet to book. Having seen him wangle his way out of house arrest in the UK, charges of human rights abuses, murder and kidnapping (more details), A judge has stripped the general of immunity with respect to charges of tax evasion.

I went to Chile in 2002; it was a fantastic experience, one I never thought I would be able to have. Being British we were onto a winner, everyone seemed to like us. Either because Jack Straw had had Pinochet arrested, or because good old Jack had refused to extradite him to Spain or because we had beaten the Argentinians over the Falklands, relationships between Chile and Argentina have been extremely frosty at times. The last reason was not often given though.

But that was before the Iraq war I wonder what reception we would get now.

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