07 June 2005

BMW v Skoda

I was lucky enough to get a lift to work this morning. The colleague who picked me up is a very sweet kind lady, but not shall we say the most up to date about cars.

As we were driving round a roundabout a old scruffy B reg 5 series BMW shot out in front of us.

Me "Ah well, maybe 'cos it's an old car he doesn't care."

Kind colleague: "Or because he's driving a BMW, they seem to think they own road."

We drove on for a few moments

Kind colleague: "Or it could be Skoda drivers, I always get the two confused, their badges are so alike."


  1. Is there a difference :-)

    You are more then welcome to "borrow" the fact of that day idea but heres a couple of others for you:

    What about blog of the day as it looks as though you browse around.

    Advert of the day\week\month is one I might use coz I love the Stella one at the moment, the one with the priests on the ice, straight out of omen and before that I love the dancing car.

    Movie is another but I think quite a few use that one.

    Everyone seems to use music so I ditched the idea of iPod music for the day

    Hell use them all as I have a few :-) For my fact of the day I use this site http://www.hookedonfacts.com/index.htm

  2. Your "kind friend" is a bit confused, isn't she, but nevertheless right first time. BMW drivers do think they own the road, in fact, a friend of mine riding his motorcycle was pushed against the wheels of an artic on a roundabout by a 3 series driver intent on pushing through.

    Trust me, she's thinking of BMW drivers. I know these things - proud owner of two Skodas.