04 June 2005

Dr Who

Whoa! the daleks are back next week, can't wait. And we have finally got some evidence that "bad wolf" has a meaning beyond an in joke by the Dr Who producers.

The episode itself was a bit with "One bound they were free" a tactic so beloved by Flash Gordon and the other cheesy 1930's serials the BBC used to show during the holidays when I was nubbit but a youngest.

Actually that's not quite fair, although the way the writer got our heroes out of danger was a bit of a get out - Margaret Slitheen regressing back to an egg, the eppy itself did try to tackle deeper issues.

  • Relationships - Rose and Mickey.
  • Crime and Punishment - The Doctor and Margaret although lightly done and not really going into the issues on whether capital punishment is correct or not it did touch on it which considering this is light entertainment for a Saturday evening was about as much as one can expect, after all the aim is scare young children not to upset them.

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