29 July 2009

Now the baby is asleep

He's flopped over my right arm snoring ever so gently, if I can get him to stay asleep when I put him down I might be able to put the washing on and wonder if we have all the ingredients for a veggie curry.

30 seconds later...

He's down and out, and I am free to use two hands again not only that I am up at the computer on the desk rather than struggling with the crappy PC laptop. (Rem to self must get in touch with the Apple Genius people to find out if it is worth getting the Mac laptop repaired. Buying a new one is not an option sadly)

It has been an age since I've blogged, but I am slowly coming out of the fog that is very new baby with colic, he is getting into more of a routine fortunately and doesn't normally wake up at stupid o'clock during the night, that is if you accept 5am as not being stupid o'clock.

I am now back behind the wheel after the caesarian, just being able to get about as I choose to have been so liberating even if I hardly go anywhere, my trips out have been mostly to the doctors or to the hospital. I have started to meet other people, my health visitor suggested going to a baby massage class which is run by the health visiting team. It's quite good if very small there are only 4 mothers at it although I get the impression they were hoping more would turn up and we have 2 instructors. It's roughly 15 minutes of baby massage and then 1 hour plus of chatting, mostly about babies so not scintillating conversation but right now I don't need scintillating all the time, just being able to compare how much our babies sick up and the day to day mundantity of motherhood is nice.

The next big adventure is mother and baby groups, I looked at the NCT website to see if they had any groups in the vicinity and the closest was Ely so that's no good, even if it does save me the cost of joining them. I will have to look at Mum's Net and find one that sounds friendly.

Hours later,

Finally got the washing on after he woke up, needing feeding and changing and playing with. I put him down on his tummy for some "tummy time" he coo'd for a bit then fell asleep only for him to wake up when I turned him onto his back so that I could sneak into the kitchen. He's now fallen asleep listening to Radio 4. Radio 4 is his "soap theme tune" I listened to so much of it while I was pregnant with him, the dulcet tones of Laurie Taylor seem to have a soothing effect on him.


  1. Sounds like your getting the hang of mummydom quite well! :)

  2. I'm amazed at all the options here for making friends with babies, seriously. When I see you next, you will have to tell me about it in great detail!

    I miss having lots of little ones around, having lived right near my sister for so long, who has eight. It's a shame we're not closer to you guys or I'd volunteer to help sit for you. :)