09 June 2009

Living In The Moment

Tom has been with us only since Friday lunchtime, but it feels like he's been here forever, pre Tom time seems hazy and very far away. Thinking about it there is a good chance that tiredness has a very large part to play in this, I find that when I am shattered time flows very slowly but I think he's exerting his own special effect on the space time continuum although he weighs less than 10lbs and is less than 2 foot tall he's bending time around him.

Not all of this is a good thing, breastfeeding hasn't yet become the easy, joyful thing that it can be, so when the feed isn't easy it can feel like I've been attacked by a thousand minuscule sharp needles for ever, but then it is possible to swallow up hours just staring at him.

The forces of BST will reassert themselves tomorrow as we have to register his birth and we have to have an appointment to do so. We might also risk a quick trip to the supermarket as well, life does not get much more cosmopolitan than this at the moment.



  1. Have you spoken to Karen (uborka.nu/rise) about breastfeeding? I think she is just becoming an official expert in these matters.

  2. It's certainly worth finding someone who can show you the right way to breastfeed. Most nurses haven't a clue.

    Lovely pic!

  3. Congratulations Simon and Jane, hello Tom welcome to the world.