21 May 2009

We Are Now In Single Digits

Until the due date, which of course actually means not that much as the baby could come now or he could need to be induced in mid June. I would advise him to come about now as he's got a better chance of having his birthday off school during the Whitsun half term (I went to a Catholic school that's what we called this half term).

I had what could possibly 38 weeks midwife's appointment. I am the picture of maternal health, my blood pressure is 110/70 there was no blood, protein or glucose in my urine everything else was as tickety boo as could be expected at this late stage, i.e swollen ankles were not held against me.

The baby is no more engaged that he was last week, he's still bang on for dates and very active which is a good sign apparently.

It looks like the iPod is going to join the choirs eternal, it can be charged up, and we could "get it working" if very slowly, I tried to sync it with iTunes last night which didn't work as some of the files were fatally corrupted. iTunes then tried to reset it which failed a couple of times so the long term prognosis is not good. Simon says that I can have his iPod touch when the new iPhone comes out, but that may not be until June/July and I'm not sure how long I can last without my iPod.

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