10 January 2009

Happy New Year

Sorry I have not blogged in a while, for once it has not been blog ennui but rather because we have been rat arsed busy and I've not had the time/energy to do so. It has been all I can do to read other people's blogs and occasionally think of a pithy one liner, let alone conjure up several paragraphs for my own blog.

With the current lack of decent mortgages available to first time buyers and the increasing uncertainty a lot of people have about the jobs it is not surprising that we haven't been able to sell either of our flats so reluctantly we are heading down the renting them out and then finding somewhere for us to rent for when Junior makes an appearance. I say reluctantly because we would rather not have the faff of dealing with letting agents and the rest of the palaver. I've got a tenant moving in next week so we have spent all our time since the New Year getting it into a rentable state as opposed to a sellable state. It is now almost all over bar the carpet cleaning which we will do tomorrow, everything of mine is out of the flat except the white goods, a large bookcase and a step ladder which the tenant will need to change the light bulbs. Georgian building have high ceilings, the spiders get altitude sickness up there.

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