27 May 2008

¡Hola from Barcelona!

Very quickly as I´m on the internets in the hotel lobby. It may well
be free but I don´t want to abuse the privilege. First full day in

The metro system is lovely, clean, fast and the purple line has
stations painted the most fantastic soft greyish blue-purple I want a
wall or 4 in that colour eventually.

The Sagrada Familia is quite breathtaking in a bobbins gloriously and
happily over the top way.

We have bagged our first funicular railway of the trip need to get at
least one other and a cable car.

We´ve both caught the sun when it wasn't raining.


  1. I love the Sagrada Familia, although when I saw it in person I was just a small child, and it was covered in scaffolding :(

    What I love most is how it is so gloriously over the top. The only thing that even comes close is St Basil's in Moscow.

  2. Parc Guell on hash. A life-changing experience.

  3. Yeah, Parc Guell and all of the Gaudi stuff really. Awe inspiring!