20 January 2008

Recovery Times

We went to a Burns Night Supper on Friday, I elected to drive as I didn't really want to risk having a huge hangover the next day and also, to be fair, it was my turn as Si has taken the driving duties the last few times we've been out.

We had an excellent evening and stuck to my plan of staying under the limit while Simon partook fully, he didn't get wasted but was still happily merry as I poured him into the car after the ceilegh. But oh the next day when we woke up he was a delicate and suffering Simon as the Highland Park took its revenge.

I do not mock, I have been there myself where it isn't so much the amount that you drink but rather the what, whisky and port can give very bad hangovers for not much drunk. Also as I slipped past my early thirties I have found that my powers of recovery have faded away, where once all it took was a cherry coke (full fat) and a cheese sandwich to put me almost right with the world, it now takes a whole weekend of care, attention and nothing too heavy on the stomach to put me back to sorts.

Fortunately Simon was coaxed back into the land of the not so suffering with mashed potatoes and baked beans for lunch and an afternoon nap. But its becoming increasingly clear that the days roistering and seeing the dawn come in with a glass of splishy splashy in our hands may be slowly slipping away from us.


  1. Couldn't agree more. Having spent Saturday night drinking red wine, of which I think I drank less then two bottles to myself..

    Sunday was spent lazing, dozing and eating crap. It's the only way I can feel human in time for Monday.

    Yes yes, the days of drinking from 7pm to 4am, then wolfing down a roll and sausage upon wakening are long gone.

    To think I used to go out 4 nights a week, IN A ROW!! Mental.

  2. This must mean we're all getting old...

  3. I wouldn't say getting old - just approaching the time when we have to think about getting old.

  4. It's very true, the spectre of middle age is sneaking up on us all! run, run to the hills before it's too late!

  5. I got alcohol poisoning around 4 years ago and was ill for three days. I ahve not been drunk since then (although have drunk). I miss it but I am NEVER going through that again.