15 December 2007


Following on from the list of podcast highlights I thought I would do the egotistical thing give the full gory breakdown of my podcast listening habits.

Astronomy Cast

The Bugle - As recommended by Dan. Very funny and as it comes from the Times it's England-centric.

Friday Night Comedy from Radio Four - it depends on which series is occupying the slot, but so far it's been The News Quiz and the Now Show.

In Our Time - Another Radio Four product, I learn something new with every podcast, even when I don't understand the half of it.

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews
- Going straight to the heart of the periphery every time.

Science Talk: The Podcast Of Scientific American

SETI: Science and Skepticism - Because I'm bit of a geek.

The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures - Because I'm a bit of a geek who loves astronomy.

- Good skeptical podcasting.

The Skeptics Guide To The Galaxy - the champs at skeptical podcasting.


  1. I had to give up In our time. I want to be able to like it, but I just find my mind wanders. I'm just not clever enough.

    I do cherry pick some episodes though, ones which i have an actual interest in.

    The Bugle is fantastic.

  2. Good choices! I have to disagree about the Now Show though. I want to like it, but I find their right-on smugness just too much. The same people who would (quite rightly) gasp at obvious racism, will quite happily put on a silly german/french/etc accent and tick every sterotype-box on the page.

    Anyway... I think i've dented my soap-box now... um... yeah, good choice!